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The climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro  
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Angie & Kera climbing that Cali mountain
Palm Springs, CA

Angie hiking Sculptured Falls in Austin
Sculptured Falls, Austin


Stress Test at the Cleveland Clinic



Angie's Rigid Hiking Tour

Angie is a hiker. During a recent trip to Palm Springs, CA, while others enjoyed the spoils of tourism, Angie was captivated by a mountain behind her hotel that had not actual path to the top. So she made one. Each day she climbed further and further up until scaling rocks to come within just 60 feet from the top. When she told me about it on the phone I thought, "What kind of mountain are we talking?" Then I asked her to get me a photo. Well, now I know the challenge she described to me each night. This girl can climb and has the drive it takes to climb Kilimanjaro.

Hiking in Austin

During a recent visit to Austin, Angie kept our days packed with plenty of hiking. One day we descended into a river valley to pass Twin Falls and reach Sculptured falls. She wore me out, but it was fun!

This girl can hike, the following day we did two separate hikes in two separate parks. She completely out-hiked me and my feet were killing me. I'm not worried about her, I'm worried about me! She has motivated me to get busier though, so this is a good thing.


Stress Test

The last week of August I underwent a stress test at the guise of my doctor. I got to see my heart on the monitor, all the valves functioning perfectly, and a clean bill of health as far as my heart goes. I couldn't even see the breaks, I think it mended itself. I did manage to click off a cell phone pick in the mirror with all the wires hooked up.



The following is a schedule of my workout routine that I am employing to assist me in assuring that I will make it up Kili. I pulled the routing from the web site:


Basically I follow this regiment, Monday, Wednesday and Friday is gym day. Weight training, mostly legs, cardiac and some upper body. The Friday routine is a little more intense, and some of the exercises are changed on different days depending on this chart I am following. Then on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday I hike. The workout schedule calls for uphill and downhill hiking as well as just good ole plain power-walking. Another aspect I added is Yoga. Angie is my Yoga inspiration, she practices Kundalini Yoga. I am in my third month of Hiatha Yoga and today completed my first Vinyasa Yoga experience. While in Austin I was able to take in a Kundalini Yoga class with Angie as well as a Lakota Indian Traditional Sweat lodge.

I plan to align my mind, body and soul for this climb.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday

These are my Gym days, and thankfully my awesome company has a very nice weight room. So taking full advantage, I workout right after work, usually around 4:30.

I begin with 10 minutes of stretching, unfortunately I don't usually do the full 10 minutes cause I'm anxious to get on the equipment. Then I do 10 minutes on the stationary bike.


riz doing squads


Once I am warmed up, I begin with 3 sets of squads using only 95 lbs. at this point. On Friday I do 4 sets of 12 and on Wednesday, I replace the squads with 4 sets of 12 on the leg press.

Riz does leg Extensions
  Then its time for thigh isolation. This consists of 3 sets of 10 leg extensions on Monday and Wednesday, and 4 sets of 12 on Friday.  
Riz does leg curls
  I also repeat the same amount of sets of leg curls as well.  
Riz does toe lifts
  Then I follow with 3 sets of 20 calf raises, those are nice. The schedule calls for also the same amount of toe pulls but I haven't been able to figure out what those are, google was no help, and my reason to speak to the hot trainer netted no results as well. At least I got to talk to her though, that was a workout in itself.  
riz Hyper Extensds
  Then focusing on the lower back, I do 3 sets of 12 on Monday and Wednesday and 4 sets of 12 on Friday of Hyper Extensions. That exercise kicks my butt pretty good.  

The comes the Abdominal. Now these are really hard. It calls for 2 sets of 20 upper crunches (3 sets on Friday) and the same amount of leg raises.

Riz working the guns


I did decide to throw some upper body into my workout, just incase I have to wrestle a panther or something. Actually I won't wrestle a panther, I will do what the books tell me to do, talk calmly, hold my ground then turn my neck to it so show submission. I forgot where it told me to pray and kiss my butt goodbye. Maybe my ignorance will save me...

Gettin' rid of the man-boobs

Lastly I cool down on the stair master with low resistance. This week however I used the bike for cool down. Following this is 10 minutes of stretching.