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The climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro  
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Gear List

This page is dedicated to the gear that I continue to assemble for this journey. It seems much of my gear either has a story, tells a story or will be part of this story. I plan to write about as much of each piece of gear as I can as I acquire them.


Out here testing out the Gear in 10 degree fahrenheit weather. Do know know what that converts to in Celsius?



So the big question is what to wear on my bald head as I climb this mountain. I am still in pursuit of that wide brimmed hat, which I have not obtained yet. A hat is like a good friend. You have to mesh with it, and compliment each other. And since I have a big head in many ways, I actually do have a big head. I need a 7 ½ sized hat so the quest continues.

As far as keeping my head warm though, I have this really nice stocking cap my sister gave me. I love it, I have been told by one that it doesn't’t look good on me, and my buds said it does. Like most of my personality, of course I care what people think, then again, who cares what people think. I care what I think and I care about covering up my bald melon. So this stocking cap, with love from my sister, will go up the mountain with me, as it goes to work and play with me also every day now.
Then I look at summit pics and see how cold everyone looks up there. Therefore I have decided to carry my big wool hat with me. This hat is as warm as it was expensive. Now I never would have purchased a hat like this as it cost $200 on sale. In my past career I published a magazine and several advertisers did partial trade with me. So as I was looking around the store to take my trade out in merchandise, I grabbed this hat. It is truly one of the warmest hats I’ve ever sat down on my noggin. When I pull the flaps down, look out baby, kili will be no match for it. So look for my summit picture to feature this awesome hat!

Asolo Flame GTX Boots

On Halloween I was part of a Lakota Indian traditional Sweat lodge in Austin, TX. After emerging from the sweat lodge as brothers with the other men, I spent time talking with a man named Mark. He had extensive mountaineering experience. When our conversation turned to hiking boots, he made some suggestions. One boot manufacturer he mentioned was Asolo. While researching boots on the fabulous Zappos.com site, I found an Asolo boot that I felt met my needs. Moderately priced for a hiking boot, these babies have wrapped my feet for the past 2 months. Though I have experienced pain in the balls of my feet on those 14 mile hikes, I think I may have solved the problem with some Dr. Shoals Gel Pads.

These boots are made with 1.6-1.8 mm water resistant suede upper with high tenacity nylon mesh. Gore-Tex® Sierra lining for moisture wicking and breathability will keep me dry. Other features include:

  • Asoflex 00 SR lasting board.
  • Lite 2 anatomic footbed.
  • Matrix outsole with Active Heel Support technology.
  • Weight: 640 g
  • Matrix technology: A moderately aggressive, dual-density outsole that incorporates Aso-brake for maximum downhill traction and offers superior grip on uneven terrain.
  • Active Heel Support: "Visual technology" that's created by externalizing the mechanism positioned in the heel zone.
    Optimized by the use of leading-edge materials that offer light weight, support, shock absorption, and full heel control.

Asolo Boots

UPDATE: 1/30/2010 I have officially lost confidence in my boots. My feet hurt today after our 14-mile hike. I may immediately consider trying on some other boots just in case. Time is of the essence, I could have come to this realization earlier but... well I'm at it now.



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