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The climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro  
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Sailin' the high seas of Lake Erie
with my dog, Bandit!
July 2009

Riz at Sculptured Falls in Austin

Sculptured Falls in Austin, Texas
October 2009


Reliability Dual Sport

Reliability Run at the BSA Rally
in Toronto, Ohio
May 2009



Trying to make the Chipotle website.
I wonder if I'll do that on top of Kili? M.B.A. May 2008



This one did make Chipotle's website,
and I received 10 free burrito coupons
for it.
Summer 2008

  Tim "The Riz"

I have been been involved in some form of writing and publishing for nearly 20 years. Having published a successful and established entertainment magazine for 10 years, along with an art magazine, a direct mailed local hometown press, and various other projects for clients, my background includes all facets of writing, editing and just plain good ole story telling. I also have extensive marketing experience, so I know how to sell the sizzle. I am presently employed in the publications department of a wonderful American manufacturing company as a technical writer. My experience includes graphic design, full knowledge of desktop publishing, computer systems, web design, writing, sales, management, along with various other skills. In May 2008, I graduated Cumma Sum Laude from Baldwin Wallace College and received an M.B.A. in Business Systems.

I am an adventure man, which I think makes me a "self-described" adventure man. I'm good with that. If it's pullin' a blue marlin out of the Sea of Cortez, barreling across the high plains of New Mexico, rockin' in the Piazza Del Campo of Sienna, Skiing the Zugspitze in Garmisch, or hitch hiking across both islands of New Zealand. I am always looking for a new challenge and adventure. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro for me is a great challenge. And I'm not just taking the "coca cola" route either, I am part of a 9-day, Lemosho Western Breach summit that includes spending the last night camped in the crater of Kilimanjaro.

Along with this writing experience, I was raised in an airline family. My mother worked for United Airlines for many years. Our family traveled, and I learned how to travel from the best, my mom. She could sniff a deal on a hotel or ticket to a show in her sleep.

After I was abruptly booted off her free tickets because I actually had to get a job after I graduated from Kent State, I eventually ended up a salesman working in the garment industry on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. This involved extensive business travel, which I truly enjoyed. Usually a couple times a year I set up some sort of an expedition. I am also an avid camper, hiker, rock climber and dual sport rider. I have a Husqvarna WR250 enduro motorcycle, which is set up sweet. I have a Harley (which I'm not braggin' about), and a Moto Guzzi Eldorado police bike (now that I am bragging about). Include in this a bunch of other various wheeled motorized and non-motorized bikes and vehicles and you know I cannot get my truck in the garage.

"The difference between men and boys is not the size of their toys, it's the size of their toy box." The Riz

I have a talent for finding the "cool spots," meeting the right people and finding the good story. I look forward to making every journey an adventure, even if I'm touring a plant, helping a friend or serving jury duty, which I love by the way. I love to travel, I love to meet people and I plan to have an awesome time. I will be making my notes and writing my thoughts and adventures along the way. My hopes are that I will forge this inspriation into a book, written from this experience. It would be best if something tragic happened during our journey that could really make a good book. I'm just kidding, no Donner party wishing here. Presently I am writing in most of spare time, making notes, writing stories, capturing emotions and anticipations, while I also train for this journey. Additionally, I find myself reading everything I can about this great beast rising out of the East African desert, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Get in touch with me, let me know your ideas, suggestions, or just that the email link works. I would love to hear from each and everyo one of you. I also urge you to share in this journey by returning to this website as I plan to post along the way.

Thank You, God Bless and "Enjoy The Ride!"

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