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The climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro  
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The Journey Revealed!



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"The Flights to Africa"

Nairobi, and the bus ride to Arusha

Day One On The Mountain

Day Two On The Mountain

Day three On The Mountain

Day four On The Mountain

Day five On The Mountain

Day Six On The Mountain

Day Seven On The Mountain
The Western Breach

Day Eight On The Mountain
Summit Day!

Day Nine - Coming Down!
What a long strange trip it's been!


If you must jump ahead, here's the climax!

2-28-10: I made it to the summit and back down the mountain safely. This is Joshua, our Chief Guide and probably one of the most intriguing and professional guides I will have ever met! This man breathes confidence, knowledge of his task and just a feeling of security that I felt totally safe the whole time. It was his recognition of my early Altitude Sickness symptoms that put him in my tent at 6AM suggesting I try taking a half a Diamox, twice per day. That professional advice saved me, saved my trip and is hands down the reason I'm being handed that successful summit certificate in this photo. Joshua, you are the man!!!

Tim made it, handshake


FOLLOW THE CLIMB: You were able to follow the progress live via text updates that were provided by Joshua, our head guide for Team Kilimanjaro. Since the climb happened from February 19th to February 27th, then the updates aren't live, but here are the updates as they appeared. What I am going to do with these updates is as I develop the story on these pages, I will intersperse the live text updates as I go. You will be able to see what people that were following this journey read, or it might remind you what you read if you were following along.


2-18-10: Hello my friends, a quick up date from Africa. For those of you that know I'm here, and those that don't, this is the long and short of it. Right now I am at the Impala hotel in Arusha. it is just shy of 2200 hours, I have just completed the final packing of my day-packs, which is items I will need for tomorrow's hike, and my rucksack which the porters will carry. I am loaded, and thanks to my mom and sister, I have way more than I need. the darn energy bars weigh 4 pounds! Tonight, after a killer Indian meal in my hotel I met with our guide Team Kilimanjaro, along with the other 7 members of my climbing party. We went over the daily itinerary, the map, what we need to bring on us, what we need to put in the rucksack, and what we need to leave behind. Our head guide came to our rooms and went through all of our gear personally. We are set, tomorrow I will be picked up at the hotel, driven 4 hours by extreme land rover to 8k feet. We will then check into the Lemosho gate, then hike to Lemosho camp. The drive will be hairy, as I was told, and considering that today's ride from Nairobi to Arusha was 8 hours of dirt desert road, chuck holes, narrow lanes, crazy guys driving on the wrong side of the road. I felt that was harder than the climb will be. They told me those roads were kind of bad, the road tomorrow up kili is supposed to be really bad. lucky we have an extended land rover.

Africa is awesome, the people are great. Things are cheap, and the beggars are polite so I don't mind tossing a few shillings here and there. I have Kenyan Shillings, Tanzania Shillings and good ole American green backs. Sometimes I put quarters in their cups knowing they will do them no good but the sound good clangin' around in the bottom of the empty cups, just kidding. I did that a couple times, didn't have any shillings.

Remember, you can follow live text updates of this climb by logging onto the main page of my website, www.itsinafricayouknow.com then following the link to live updates. when the google map screen of kili comes up, scroll the left hand menu bar all the way down and the last several links will be climbing parties on the mountain. Ours is BACLx8. We begin on the 19th at 7:300 Tanzania Time.

This climb is rather exciting. Our group is diverse and our plan is custom made for us based on all of our input. we have the potential to summit twice, along with camping in the crater and visiting the Reusch ash pits. and tonight a cave experience was added. Thank God for headlamps! Basically we will summit on day 7, then hike back down to the Arrow Glacier and camp. Then if everyone is feeling well, we will summit again the next day watching the sky's for no clouds so better views. then we hike down into the crater, explore, camp and have a blast. 9 days on the mountain then back in this nice hotel for one night then I hate to say after a few days on a coffee plantation, I will ride that dreaded bus back to Nairobi. That ride is everything you think africa is supposed to be. Out in the middle of nowhere are shepard's in bright clothes with sticks herding cattle, sheep, goats and woman in bright colored dresses and big ole earrings hanging way down their shoulders. It's like national geographic. Cruising that road today I saw Zebras, Monkeys raising cain, Camels, scroungy wild dogs, Straw huts, little villages, tons of school kids in impeccable uniforms. I mean these people are poor in the desert, they're clothes are clean, brightly colored and they are all smiling. Really wonderful people, our excess-living selves could learn a lot from them.

So then after about 7 plus hours bouncing around on this bus I saw Legoto. I said, "Is that Kili?" A guy said "No." It was big. Then a while later I saw an even bigger mountain, head in the clouds. I said, "Is that kili?" The guy said "No." then we drove further, I saw this funny thing above the clouds way off in the distance. I just didn't fit whatever it was. we got closer, the sky's were dark around it, it was raining. I has it's own eco system, it's own weather patterns. As we got closer I could make out the Glaciers. I have to tell you, this is the most awesome looking mountain eclipsing the desert like a space ship hovering over our planet. Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the world. 19,341 feet! I plan to stand on that summit twice within the next week. And wait till I start posting my video and pics. and we were told tonight they've gotten snow so we will be using crampons to traverse the final ascent which we will do in the early morning while the snow is still frozen to avoid slipping and landslides.

so, neatly said, this trip is going awesome. I am so excited it will be hard to sleep tonight, as it was last night,

As i always say, "Life is Grand!!!!"


Pictured here is Marek, Nathalie, David and myself. Top of Africa. What a journey.
This was No. 2 for Marek, he decided to try hiking the other side of the mountain this time.




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