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The climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro
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Climbing Partners

No journey up a mountain like this would be all fun all alone. One needs to add excitement and diversity. This trip is no exception. There is a colorful cast of characters. Let me introduce you to my climbing partners.

Picture of Angie at Whipps Ledges in training for Kili

Angie Sanders

From Austin, Texas, USA, Angie is an environmentalist, living a centered, spiritual life based on self-exploration and personal adventure. Angie is a truly adventerous spirit..

Check out Angie's Page for
more information on Angie.

Barry Dalal-Clayton & Sachin Dalal-Clayton 

Barry and Sachin are a father and son team who have been planning to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro since the autumn of 2008. They have spent a long time researching routes, equipment and trekking companies (operators/outfitters). That research led them to Team Kilimanjaro who they determined to be one of the most experienced, reputable and reasonably priced companies to climb with (Team Kilimanjaro – based in Arusha and the UK). They also are the inspiration behind possibly the most rewarding and spectacular way up Kilimanjaro, combining an approach across the Shira plateau via the Lemosho route as far as the Lava Tower,  and then an ascent via the spectacular Western Breach.

Barry basically found Team Kilimanjaro through his own research in where he came upon this great guide service whom he liked very much. The Trek, a 9-day ascent includes the last night spent camped in the crater. This trek was tailor-made by them, and for them, and now me as well.

For more on this father & son duo, log onto their website.

Barry & Sachin Dalal-Clayton
Bruno and Nathalie from Montreal

Bruno & Nathalie have recently joined the team to climb Kilimanjaro. They are both born in France, and had moved to Canada in 1996. Like myself, they have never been to Africa. And unlike myself but blessed, they have two marvelous kids (Floriane 11 and Lucas 8). Here is a photo that Bruno sent me set amongst the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Check out their website now!

David Betz, he's a man's man. This guy was like the Energizer Bunny, he just kept going. I don't think I heard him complain once, just saw him always crankin' along up the mountain.

David is seen here at Stella Point, nearly the top of the mountain short a few meters. We were on our way down after summiting then visiting Reusch Ash Pit. David represents what's good about our fellow Americans. From Kalamazoo, Michigan, Dave is my friend!

David Betz of Michigan

Marek the Adventure Man

Meet Marek from Vancouver, British Columbia. Marek is a strong climber and true adventure man. He hiked, he hiked hard, and with a very heavy pack full of camera equipment, often passing the group up to get a shot of us coming. Can't wait to see his work. Marek is a great guy and a pleasure to hike with.



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